Kalidasa Akademi has under taken various projects of study and research as well as preservation and rediscovery of our shastriya and creative traditions. The projects are given below –

  • Critical Edition and Translation of Natya Shastra – This project aims at preparing critical edition and Hindi and English translation of Natya Shastra. The editing and translation work of Natya Shastra is near to comptition. This project is getting the financial support from the Ford Foundation, U.S.A. .


  • AcharyaKula – Akademi has started this project in order to preserve and propagate our traditional lore. Acharyakula offers an opportunity of studying a few selected shastriya texts on traditional lines with the help of most eminent sanskrit scholars of the respective disciplines. In order to achieve this goal, Recently the Akademi conducted a Vyakhaya-Patha-Satra on Vakyapadiya of Bhartrihari for a period of 21 days. In this Patha Satra, University/College lecturers, Readers, Professors joined as students for getting knowledge from the eminent traditional sanskrit Gurus namely Dr. B.L. Awasthi, Adhisthata of Acharyakula, Dr. Adyaprasad Mishra, Vice-chancellor of Maharshi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Viswavidhyalaya of Jabalpur and Pandit Ramayatna Shukla of Varanasi.


  • Maokhika Parampara (Oral Tradition) – A survey of living oral traditions of Vedic, Puranic and Kavya recitations will be carried out so on and a full documentation of them would be done. Likewise oral folk traditions will also be surveyed and documented under the project for preserving oral traditions.


  • Pandulipi Sangrahalaya (Manuscript Collection) –This year, the Akademi undertakes this project and a survey is being made in order to identify such old manuscripts of Sanskrit literature. As a result, the Akademi got responses from the scholars and collected more their 113 manuscripts from the respective scholars.


  • Edition and translation of Kalidasa granthavali – Kalidasa Akademi is going to publish the seven works of Kalidasa in two volumes as Kalidasa Granthavali with Sanskrit text and athuntic Hindi tranlation. The Sanskrit text will be taken according to the text of Nirnaya Sagar edition. The chief editor of this work is renowed Sanskrit scholer Pt. Vidyaniwas Mishra and the translation work of scholars is about to complition. One more third volume will be on the traditional criticism of Kalidasa.